Tatami Rooms

Experience a unique blend of Japanese tradition and modern luxury with Kermadec’s two Tatami Rooms—private havens tailored for an intimate dining experience. Each room accommodates a minimum of two and a maximum of eight guests, with the option to combine both for a gathering of up to sixteen.

The Ishi no ma (Stone) Room, adorned with a traditional Japanese Stone Garden, provides a captivating view of the Viaduct. Meanwhile, the Taki no ma (Water) Room offers a serene ambiance with a fish pool and a marble wall waterfall embedded with opal.

Elevating the experience, guests can immerse themselves in tranquil music curated for the Tatami Rooms or bring their own, adding a personalized touch to the evening. These rooms are a sensory journey unlike any other, a testament to exclusivity that must be witnessed to be truly appreciated.

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